10-11: Crucial Communication & God's Wedding Gift (TTATF)

"God designed the sexual relationship to be experienced between husband and wife. It was designed to be beautiful, sacred and rich with meaning. Casual sex outside the marriage bond perverts and desecrates the design of God." (149)

We have spent the last 3 weeks on 2 chapters. We talked about communication skills in marriage, followed by a week on the way that God communicates with us. Last week, we were joined by the teens, and spent time discussing God's wedding gift.

Discussion Board Starters:

What are some thoughts from the book, Scriptures, or class that have made an impact on you?

Thinking about all three weeks together, how does good communication enhance God's wedding gift?

Adapted from Vernell Ingle. (2005). The truth about the family: Biblical patterns and principles. Joplin, MO: Messenger Publishing House.
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