7 & 8: Biblical Patterns for the Family & Parent (T.T.A.T.F.)

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Possible Quotation Starters

Chp. 7: Next to our relationship to God, the family relationships are the most important in life. It is in the home that the family members should be able to find security. The home should be a safe haven, a buffer from the outside world. God meant for the home to provide a nurturing environment for the family members. The idea of nurturing is to give the best care possible to cultivate and sustain life. (85)

Chp. 8: "As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth" (Psalm 127:4). In ancient culture sons of one's youthful marriage were considered a blessing. Because they could help defend the family in times of war or conflict, they were considered as arrows in the hand of a warrior. In legal affairs, which took place at the city gate, adult sons could participate in matters of legal defense as well. If the sons were well-spoken and presented themselves in a confident manner, they could prove to be an invaluable asset to the family. (101)

Scripture Starters from the Chapters

Chp. 7: Deuteronomy 6.1-9; Psalm 78.1-7; Matthew 7.24-27, 12.46-50, 5.14-16; 1 Peter 3.15-16; 1 Timothy 3.4-5

Chp. 8: Proverbs 22.6; Psalm 127.3-5; Mark 10.13-16; Deuteronomy 4.9, 6.20-25; Ephesians 6.1-4; 2 Timothy 1.7; 1 Samuel 3.11-14; Proverbs 13.24, 23.13; Hebrews 12.5-11

Adapted from Vernell Ingle. (2005). The truth about the family: Biblical patterns and principles. Joplin, MO: Messenger Publishing House.
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