3: The Key to Meaningful Relationships (T.T.A.T.F.)

"There is no other factor that distinguishes the unique Christian ethic more than the love of God. It begins and ends with Him. Ethics may be described as a system of moral values and/or a system of expected behavior. Since the love of God is the foundation of Christian ethics, the love of God should govern all that we are and all that we do. Thus, the standard for the Christian is not the Law, the Sermon on the Mount nor the epistles of the New Testament. The Christian standard is God Himself. God’s Word reveals who He is. And there is nothing that reveals God more accurately than His love for us" (p. 31).

1) What is there about me which cannot be explained in natural terms?
2) What is different about me from non-Christians?
3) What is unique about me that can only be explained through my relationship with Jesus Christ?

GOD IS LOVE: 1 John 4.7, 8, 13, 16
1) Why is it so difficult for us to comprehend the love of God?
2) In what ways do we tend to make God out to be human?
3) How is the love of God perfect?
4) Why is it better for us to dwell on God’s love for us rather than our love for Him?

LOVING GOD BACK: Matthew 22:34-40
1) How can a finite creature love an infinite, eternal and holy God?
2) What is significant about the heart in Scripture? Why is the heart the target of God?

EVIDENCE OF GOD’S LOVE: 1 John 4:19-21; Ephesians 5:32
1) What is the primary proof that we love God and why?
2) What does it mean to love our neighbor as ourselves? How do we do that?
3) What is the earmark of the love of God?

"The key to meaningful relationships is the love of God. For it is through our relationship with God that we experience His love for us. That love comes to us and fills us, and in turn flows out of our hearts toward others" (p. 40).

Adapted from Ingle, V. (2005). The truth about the family: Biblical patterns and principles. Joplin, MO: Messenger Publishing House.
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