2: Why Marriage? The Truth About the Family

"The truth is, as goes the marriage, so goes the family; as goes the family, so goes the church; as goes the church, so goes a community; and as goes the community, so goes the nation. Note that the institution of marriage is the foundation upon which all other social dynamics rest" (Ingle, 2005, 21).

Because of the amount of content in chapter 1, we took 2 weeks to work through it. Last week, we waded into chapter 2, Why Marriage? We zeroed in on the section THE MEANING OF MARRIAGE: Matthew 19.1-4.

Haven't you read in your Bible that the Creator originally made man and woman for each other, male and female? (Jesus in The Message).

"The terms 'husband' and 'wife' are being replaced with such terms as 'significant other,' 'domestic partner' and 'companion.' The legalization and recognition of same-sex unions being placed on the same level as the traditional marriage is quickly gaining ground" (Ingle, 2005, 21).

We discussed the following questions from chapter 2:

Why has the institution of marriage been under attack?

How would you describe the meaning of marriage? How would you describe the value of marriage?

What is a covenant? How does the idea of a covenant relationship relate to the marriage?

How should the love of God play a part in the marriage?

There are other questions from chapter 2, and yet more to consider. However, these were enough to get the conversation started.

Adapted from Ingle, V. (2005). The Truth About the Family: Biblical Patterns and Principles. Joplin, MO: Messenger Publishing House.


  1. Being a girl, I have always dreamed of getting married. As I have gotten older, I have tended to try to take things into my own hands when it comes to relationships. I have now learned, however, that God needs to be the focus of every single relationship to work. I am completley relying on the love of God not only for my relationships, but for my entire life now. He has be be first in our lives and our relationship because we may not be able to make it through the tough times that life brings us without Him. I feel that it is important, however, to not just rely on the love of God thorugh difficult times, but to praise Him for His love, mercy, and compassion in the good times as well. He can and will get us through every situation, good and bad, we just have to learn how to let go and let God- even if we cannot see what is ahead.

  2. Hey Jared & Crystal,

    I should be there this coming Sunday and would definetly like to purchase one of the books.

    Sounds like a great study and I am looking forward to being there. Sorry I missed the last few weeks. If you have handouts etc that you have used I would love to have them so that I can play catchup. LOL

    Hopefully I will be able to be there most Sunday's now unless I am ministering somewhere.


  3. Anonymous . . . We so appreciate your post and are honored that you are reading our blog. It is difficult to give God our relationships and our lives, even in the good times. Sometimes, the good times are when we take Him for granted.

    Janetta . . . no problem. We are going through the chapters in class without handouts. People are taking notes on their own. If you read the questions at the end of each chapter, and keep reading this blog, you'll have no trouble catching up.


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