1: Back to The Beginning, The Truth About the Family

Genesis 1:26: And God said, Let us make man
in our image, after our likeness
"Here is implied the distinction and dignity of the human creature
as distinguished from the rest of God's creation" (p. 8).

We've started a journey together with the young adults at First Pentecostal Church (F.P.C.). We all are traveling through the book The Truth About the Family: Biblical Patterns and Principles (T.T.A.T.F.) by Pastor Vernell Ingle.

We're reading and talking about the T.T.A.T.F. on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. There is an open invitation to the group. Join us anytime. It is open to all young adults (high school and older). Singles are welcome, because we are not only pursuing Biblical marriages, but Biblical families and community.

We're opening this blog, first as a Discussion Board for The Truth About the Family. There will be questions from each week and ways to interact. Read, post, and join us at F.P.C. if possible, because the destination is truth, but there will be joy in the journey.

Chp. 1 - Back to the Beginning

Texts: Genesis 1.26-28; 2.7; 1.31; 2.18-20; 2.21-23; 2.24-25

Questions: Take some a moment, use the questions to review chapter 1, answer a question or two, or share some thoughts from the last couple Sundays (all questions from p. 18).

1) What is the significance of God stating, “Let us make man in our image?” Why are these plural terms used? Who was God speaking to?

2) In what ways was man distinguished from the rest of God’s creation?

3) How does Genesis chapter 2 differ from chapter 1? What is the primary subject of chapter 2? What does this imply?

4) What was the only thing in God’s creation that He declared was not good? Why was this so?

5) What is significant in God taking a rib from Adam to create Eve?

6) Why did God bring Eve to Adam? What does this imply for the man in his treatment and understanding of the woman?

7) What are some practical ways that husband and wife can demonstrate mutual respect?

8) How can the married couple maintain a positive balance between loosing the ties with parents and retaining a good relationship with them?

9) How can the husband and wife truly cleave to each other without being possessive and controlling? How does a couple guard against this?

10) How important is commitment to the marriage relationship? What are some factors that contribute to the lack of commitment in marriage today?

11) How can this kind of commitment be cultivated in marriage?

12) Why were Adam and Eve not ashamed? How can a couple experience an absence of shame and guilt today? How would you define emotional nakedness? What is so difficult about emotional nakedness in relating as a married couple?

Adapted from Ingle, V. (2005). The truth about the family: Biblical patterns and principles. Joplin, MO: Messenger Publishing House.
  • T.T.A.T.F. is available for half-price (courtesy of F.P.C.) to all who meet with us Sunday mornings
  • Online orders available at M.P.H. for The Truth About The Family


  1. In response to the question about husbands and wives showing respect i think some of the simple things would be communicating being open and honest with each other and taking each others needs and feelings into consideration. Ask each other for advice when making decisions and really listen to each other instead of thinking you already know what is best.

  2. Thank you Brizzle for making our very first comment!

    Good answers. Communication is key even when it is strained. When there are creative ways to communicate and work through things together, mutual respect is cultivated.


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