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"Oh, unbelieving generation . . . BRING HIM TO ME!"

“Oh, unbelieving generation . . .
(Mark 9.19) 
Jesus already knows about the unbelief.  The disciples are unable to cast a demon out of a child and it plants a seed of doubt in the father's mind.  The disciples doubt their abilities in Jesus' name.  The scribes doubt and question.  Because of this one incident, many different people begin to doubt.
Mark 9.14-29, NASB: In this story we see the condition of our human-ness.

We try so many things just like the disciples.  We try so hard to make it happen, but none of these things have God in them.  All He asks is for us to bring them to Him.  That's our only job.  When we doubt the power He has given us, that makes room for more doubt.  So the only thing we can do is bring it back to God Himself.

The father puts an “if” upon Christ’s power (Mark 9.22)
The dad comes from home hopeful, but now is not quite sure that the healing can happen.  Don’t we find ourselves in the same situation?  Is it the salvation of lo…

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